Camila Cabello labelled love "the most intoxicating, consuming feeling that exists" as she opened up about the life lessons she has learned before turning 22.

The Havana singer took to her social media on Sunday (03Mar19) to celebrate her 22nd birthday, and decided to mark the occasion by sharing "22 things I learned while being 21".

Among the things Camila shared was her love of love. The former Fifth Harmony star has been dating relationship expert Matthew Hussey for more than a year, and appears to be more than loved up with her beau, judging by her gushing remarks.

"No feeling compares to falling in love," she wrote. "It makes sense - all the movies, the stories, the songs. It IS the most intoxicating, consuming feeling that exists. Even when other things are just as important, I don't think any feeling compares to the intensity of it."

Other topics Camila touched upon included her decision to make the most of every situation she encounters - whether it's a good or bad one.

"Look for the bad in the situation and you'll find it, look for the good in the same situation and you'll also find it," she explained. "If being this way doesn't come naturally to you, you have to literally make a conscious effort/train your brain to find the opportunity in every sucky situation, it'll change your life overnight."

While Camila's incredibly busy schedule means she can't have too much of a routine, the music star told fans that she's tried to adjust her sleeping pattern in recent months - and feels better because of it.

"I used to go to sleep at like 3am and wake up at 1pm, and even though it can definitely be really fun, I always felt like my days went by so fast and it would put me in a sad sort of funk," she mused. "I try to get up earlier and earlier now and the day is completely different, the days feel so much longer now in a good way, like I can experience so much more in the 24 hours I have."